Our Services

Consulting Services

  • Advice on tax legislation;
  • Monitoring of changes in tax legislation;
  • Planning of tax collection process for companies with special tax regime;
  • Optimization of tax payment;
  • Consulting according to labor legislation;
  • Consulting on the basis of the civil code;
  • Consulting on ensuring tax strategies;
  • Preparation and verification of contracts and other legal documents;

Accounting Services

  • Organization of accounting, conducting or supporting the conduct of accounting work;
  • Calculation of salaries;
  • Preparing and submitting relevant reports to the State Social Protection Fund, State Statistics Committee, State Employment Fund, Real Estate Committee, Finance and other state institutions;
  • Organization, conduct and preparation of reports in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS);
  • Organization, conduct and preparation of reports relevant to the National Accounting Standards (MMUS);
  • Application of 1C, Logo accounting programs;

Tax services

  • Determining the most favorable type of tax depending on the field of activity
  • Establishing and conducting tax accounting according to the tax legislation and preparing and presenting tax reports approved by the Tax Legislation
  • Protection of the rights and legal interests of taxpayers before Tax authorities and other persons;
  • Provision of electronic tax services;
  • Accompanying the inspection during tax inspections for the purpose of conducting the inspection correctly and correctly;

Marketing Services

  • Development of marketing policy and plan
  • Preparation of proposals for the creation of new products and services
  • Conducting market research
  • Creating a customer database (CRM), researching competitors, identifying sales channels for products and services, and implementing new sales technologies
  • Establishing advertising policy and plan, updating information on the website

Registration Services

  • Azerbaijan Business Consulting company offers the following registration services:  
  • Services forestablishing a legal entity (MMC, OJSC, JSC, Cooperative, CFT, NGO, Public Union), making changes in the establishment information;
  • Services on establishment of a branch or representative office (foreign legal entity), making changes in establishment information;
  • Reorganization of the legal entity; Merger, Demerger, Conversion, Separation services;
  • Services on liquidation of a legal entity;
  • Services for registration of joint stock companies in the Financial Markets Control Chamber, National Deposit Center;
  • Services for state registration of a non-commercial legal entity at the Ministry of Justice;
  • Tax registration and deregistration services of legal and natural persons;
  • Registration and deregistration of the object, control cash register, POS terminal, opening, control and closing of the bank account.

Business Support

  • Providing quality services to corporate clients interested in the development of their personal business;
  • Legal regulation of business activity;
  • Creation of a new company;
  • Obtaining licenses, patents and certifications;
  • Migration services: services for obtaining residence permits, work permits;
  • Customs services: services on import, export and transit operations

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